Learn how to take your robot to the next level by adding object following capabilities with an ultrasonic sensor.

HARDWARE 1 Arduino UNO     1 four-wheeled robot     1 micro servo motor     1 HC-SR04     SOFTWARE 1 Arduino IDE     After making a line-following robot, making a robot that can avoid obstacles is usually one of the first projects recommended for both robotics enthusiasts and engineers-to-be. What if […]

Build a barometric pressure measuring system using the BMP180 sensor, Arduino Uno, and an I2C OLED module.

HARDWARE 1 Arduino Uno/Nano     1 BMP 180 Module     1 OLED Display 128 X 64     In this article, I will show you how to build a barometric pressure measuring system using the BMP180 sensor and an Arduino Uno. We are also using a simple I2C OLED module to display the […]

Learn how you can add Bluetooth capabilities to the iconic Billy Bass to play the audio of your choice.

The Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty talking fish is one of the weirdest toys to ever capture the American imagination. In this guide, we’ll go over how to modify the toy so that it will play and respond to any Bluetooth audio source. Project History I really can’t justify my stupid obsession with this talking […]