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Emir | UAE
these guys come up with new technology always, keep it up!!!
Aidan | Malaysia
i received my kit yesterday, the kit have all the components and parts as mentioned which are pretty exciting. Looking forward to start working on it.
Michelle | Philippines
Well i got the finger print vehicle starter project n was surprised to see it delivered in such a good condition. I was afraid that sending a delicate circuit in through international shipping may damage it, but their packaging is extremely good.
Bryan | USA
i ordered the finger print based bank locker system and it works like magic, I have learned so much from this kit, these guys are too good at electronics
Swapna | India
this is the most creative automated company I have ever come across

Liam | UK
assembling of the electronic system is easy with the help of the demo videos and the cd provided, nice for electronics beginners
Nicolas | UK
packing for the extra components was not that good and I reported the issue to the nevon team. System worked without any issue though, hope they make sure the packing for the next orders will be better
Victor | USA
My friend told me of these kind of kits available at and i ordered the wireless mobile charging project. the system is just amazing use of technology. Their tutorials and online support provide sufficient practical knowledge
Khalid | Saudi Arabia
the projects are demonstrated and made understand in a very simple way. The kit is easy to use
Darcy | Ireland
4 star to the company for its outstanding support, new technology & support

Aarav | India
delivery given to me was upto the mark and in the estimated time. The product was neatly packed with the additional components. excited and already in love with the product

Mohsin | Saudi Arabia
wide range of projects with different microprocessors, choosing just 1 project becomes quite difficult here
Prashant | India
I wrongly connected a sensor on the circuit while assembling the kit, luckily the online support helped me fixed my clumsiness and the kit was ready to work. thanks nevon team

Sunil | India
yesterday i received my digitally controlled home automation project kit.. kit had all the components and parts as mentioned in component lists. Looking forward to start working on it.
Yong | Malaysia
i would give 4 stars to customer support. my cutter motor of solar grass cutter kit i ordered from nevonprojects stopped working after it fell from my project partner’s hands. So i went for nevonprojects online support, they helped me to notice the loose connection and the team also helped me to resolder the loose motor point. thnkful to them.

Ramesh | India
Had ordered Android controlled wildlife observation robot project. the kit was as demonstrated in video n the study material provided with the kit was really helpful, a nice learning experience.
Presksha | India
I went for online bakery shop system and found it very nice. Site offered variety of software projects, real time demonstration and most importantly, projects are affordable which made it easy for me to decide. Thank you
Jayden | Australia
While working on my project, I faced some confusion and at one point, I found myself stuck, but thanks to the online support over skype. They helped me out with the assembling parts and I was able to complete my project successfully. Nice customer support.
Emily | Australia
Received my kit today, which is 1 day before the delivery date. Impressed with the service. Totally worth it.
Rajesh | India
The Doctor patient portal syatem was something new to me as this concept does not yet exist in real world. Added feature of online appointment booking made the system really unique. Got me very gud marks as well as learned real software development using their online tutorials and the source code.
Sujata | India
I have ordered liquid level controller system Without Contact project kit since working demo video was quiet impressive. The system was in working condition when i received it, video tutorials and documentation data is satisfactory. video tutorials are actually more than satisfactory. customer support is very friendly.
Andrew | Australia
I had ordered tv remote controlled robotic vehicle and i was surprised to see it delivered in such a good condition. i was afraid that sending an open circuit through international shipping may damage it, but their packaging is extremely good.

Neeta | India
I ordered this IOT office automation project and honestly it was hard to decide from all the other products but the online demonstration video answered all my doubts about the system working. I’m truly satisfied with their self learner kit.
Ethan |  Australia
I accidentally broke an led light when my ultrasonic radar project kit fell from my hands. Thank god their self learner kit had an extra LED, I got online guidance from these guys through video call and they helped me solder a new one there. Very happy with their customer support.
Laboni | Bangladesh

My kit delivery was one day late.. but there was a public holiday and Sunday in between so can’t blame Nevonprojects. But that didn’t matter later because the project kit was awesome..

Priya | India

My project partners accidentally broke an IR sensor in of our Density based traffic signal project. nevonprojects support team gave us excellent support and solved our issue by guiding us through video calls through skype. Really thankful to Nevonprojects.

Rahul | India
I had ordered a military spying robot and it just won me our technical competition first prize..

Wendy | Nigeria
I ordered the IOT home automation project and it works like magic, I have learned so much from this kit, these guys are far too advanced and I like to learn directly from the experts. Il be happy if there is some electronics vacancy at NevonProjects

Mustapha | Malaysia
Very nice customer support team, the explanation tutorials with the kit were very useful and easy to understand.
Makisig | Philippines
I recently bought the android patient tracker project from nevonprojects. I had a few issues installing and running the system on my PC. When I contacted their support team they then helped me install and run the system. Later when I saw their tutorials for the project, I just became an android developer in no time
Isabelle | United Kingdom
I ordered the smart health prediction project after I got nevonprojects reference from a friend. The system is really as shown on the video, this is just amazing use of technology. Their tutorials and online support helped me learn what real software development is and also gave me an insight into artificial intelligence systems.

Olaniyi | Nigeria
Delivery was on time and tutorials helped me learn how electronics development is really done. This electronics kit helped me learn how electronics circuits are really made.. cheers !!

Dorothy | United States
I was afraid that the delicate circuit would get damaged in shipping & delivery. Well when I opened the kit, their packing was extremely good, I assembled the kit, saw the videos and my circuit gave the output.. works like magic.

Yusuf | Malaysia
I ordered a software project kit and got it sent to me 3 days before their estimated delivery date. Well this is the first time I got something before its delivery date. Keep it up guys..!!

Varun | India
you guys always come up with exciting new technologies…impressive!!!keep it up.
Edward | United States
The customer support is amazing. This is the first company I have come across where we do not have to wait for a customer service executive to pick your call. Each time I made a skype call they picked up within 2 minutes..

Ajinkya | India
Making of the software becomes so easy with the help of i can do it all by my self and also learn at the same time.

Emily | United States
This is the most creative company I have seen across the internet.
Rupesh | India
Online customer support by the software support team is quite promising. They attended me and solved my doubt each time I made a skype call.

Bradley | United Kingdom
The project quality was very good, I like the way they provide all system development videos along with the kit. I had ordered the alcohol sensing display system self learner kit & am happy to have ordered from here.. no issues at all

Riya | India
My kit delivery was a day late but no problems since my submissions were late, well I surely learned a lot from this kit it has very detailed explanation documents and videos. Overall a nice experience.

Nasser | Saudi Arabia
The online explanation system for my software project kit was wonderful. I saw it 3 times and once again before my final presentation, gave me detailed knowledge of the opinion mining project I bought.

Palak | India
I had ordered a project from my institute sir & he later said he cant do it. Thank god I found the nevonprojects website on google. I was afraid of ordering the system online but I still ordered and when the delivery came, it was a great relief for me. Got the system on time along with its development explanation videos. .. very user friendly system. Thank you nevon projects.

Eloise | Canada
The packing for the extra components was not that good and I have told this issue to the nevon team. Hope the future products would have that issue solved. rest the kit was working gave desired o/p no issues with it.

Prathamesh | India
i needed a research based software project for final year so i went for the artificial Intelligence dietician project and its impressive as it gives almost accurate results when provided with right input parameters.