Flutter Based Blood Donation App

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According to the survey conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) for the Year 2019, India wants eight crore units of Blood, but solely ten lakh units are available on the market, which shows the intense shortage of blood. Blood and its parts are vital for human life as there’s no substitute for human blood. No major operation will be performed while not the utilization of blood in any hospital or clinic. Blood transfusion is a critical element of health care. It contributes to saving ratings of lives yearly in each ordinary and emergency thing. Furthermore, it dramatically improves the anticipation and excellent lifestyles of patients with a number of acute and continual conditions.

Our Flutter-Based Blood Donation System offers functionalities for quick access to donor records collected from various parts of the country. It enables monitoring of the results and performance of the blood donation activity such that relevant and measurable objectives of the organization can be checked. They are providing an efficient search for who needs the blood in their own city as fast as possible. The donor can also easily keep track of the donation they made.

Our system comprises 4 modules: User (Registered), User (Unregistered), Institution and Admin.

The registered user would require to register using their government ID and profile photo. If they forget their password, they can check it using 2-factor authentication. They can log in using their credentials. They can manage and change their passwords. On the dashboard, the users can view feeds, news and statistics. They can also view their goals, achievement, leaderboard and the last blood donated date. To become a blood donation volunteer, they will require to take the pre-screen test before blood donation.

They can become a donor after taking the test. They can view the nearby NGOs and Blood Donation Camps and their details on the map. They can even search for it by using different filters. The users can view the list of blood requests sent by the institutions with the options to accept or reject. They can also view the blood donations made by them in the past. The users can receive notifications about camps, emergency blood requirements or more. They can also turn on and off the push notification alerts. They will also receive a reminder notification. It will show that the previous donation has surpassed 3 months.

The unregistered users can view the nearby NGOs and Blood Donation Camps and their details on the map. They can even search for it by using different filters. On the dashboard, they can view feeds, news and statistics. They can even receive Push Notification alerts.

The institution admin would require to register first through a unique ID which will be sent by email. They can log in using their credentials. They can manage their profile and change the password if they want. They can view the list of all the donors. They have the access to call, message or notify the users. They can also view all the appointments and update the status. The institution admin can view the donors with similar blood types. They can view very few details about the donors only if they have accepted the request. It is to protect the identity of the donor. They can manage the blood requests. They can view all the blood banks. They can create notifications and alerts to advertise Blood Donation Camps, Blood Shortages, and more.

The admin can log in using their credentials. They can view the total number of blood donors, requests, banks and cities. They will have the access to authorize the institution admin. They can send a new push notification or add new notifications for display. They can manage feeds, news, goals and statistics for users. They view the number of users on top of the leaderboard. They can manage the questions and scores for the pre-screen test and view the number of pre-screen tests attempted by users.

For this system, Flutter is used on the front end and Dart is used as the programming language. The IDE is Android Studio and the back end is Firebase. For push notifications, we have used FCM. Firebase Cloud Messaging is a messaging solution that allows websites and mobile applications to send push notifications to subscribers.


  • The app is an efficient and reliable system for blood donation.
  • In case of an emergency requirement for blood, a request can be made to the donor.
  • The unregistered users can also view the nearby NGOs and Blood Donation Camps.
  • The user can efficiently volunteer for blood donation.