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It might be challenging for readers to get their hands on the books they want to read. The problem relies on their ability to get hold of the book, either because it is unavailable, expensive, or has a limited number of prints available. There are times when other people have these books, but for a variety of reasons—such as the fact that they have already finished reading or are no longer interested in reading—these books are of no use to them. Thus, we aim to solve the problem of book readers by sharing a model that can help these people share the desired books with the readers efficiently.

ShareBook App is an android project that is designed to solve the book-sharing problem of students or the common public in general. It provides a platform for any user, who has a book that is not needed anymore and would like to share it with another user that may have the need for it. The user can either purchase the book they need or sell the book that they don’t need anymore.

In this android system, the admin can log in to view the list of users using the app. The admins are able to block and unblock any user they want. They can also view the list of the books added by the users for auction.

The user here can register first to log in to their account. They can view their profile after they log in. They can also change the password whenever they want. If the user is interested in buying a book, they can search for the name or description of the book added by the other users. They can add or remove any book from the cart. After buying a particular book, the user can check out the list, details and status of the book they have purchased. The user can hold an online auction if they wish to sell a specific collection of unique and authentic books or comics that are not widely available or only come in a limited number of prints.

They can add, update, view and delete any book they want. The other users interested can bid on the auctioned book. The user can view the bid list and the winner of the auction as well. Similarly, the user can bid on auctions put up by others as well.

In this project, the front end involves XML and the back end involves SQLite. The IDE used is Android Studio.


  • The user can buy or sell any book anytime, anywhere without much hassle.
  • People can get access to books they couldn’t find anywhere else.
  • The user can sell or auction off the books they don’t need anymore.
  • Easy and simple process to share books without wasting much physical energy.