Ecommerce Fake Product Reviews Monitor and Deletion System

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Online reviews have become increasingly significant in recent years when it comes to purchasing decisions. This is so that buyers can learn a lot of important information about the products or services from these reviews. Spammers, however, may fabricate and create false reviews in order to promote falsely or reduce the quality of the goods or services. Customers would be misled and make poor decisions as a result of the spammers’ actions. Consequently, identifying fake (spam) reviews is a major issue.

To ensure the credibility of the reviews posted on a platform, it is important to use a strong detecting model. Our Monitoring and Deleting Fake Reviews of Online Products System is designed to save efforts and time by helping users identify spam reviews from different opinions quickly and also help in purchasing valuable products from a trustworthy site.

This Python-based project is designed to help businesses monitor and delete fake product reviews of online products. It has two modules, including Admin and User. The admin can view the details of the user. They can also view the product details along with their reviews. They have the access to delete fake reviews.

To log into the system, the user would need to register first. After registering successfully, the user can log in using their credentials. They can browse the products they want to buy. They add the desired products to their cart. To proceed with buying the product, the user has to make the payment. They can also leave a review whether they liked the product or not.

To find out if the review is fake or genuine, the system will find out the IP address of the user. If the system observes a fake review sent by the same IP Address many times, it will inform the admin to remove that review from the system.

In this project, the front end involves Html, CSS and JavaScript and the back end involves Python. The Database used in MySQL Database and Django is used for the framework.


  • The system is easy to maintain.
  • The user gets genuine reviews about the product.
  • User can post their own review about the product.
  • Users can spend money on valuable products.