Online Fuel Delivery Flutter App

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Nevon Online Fuel Delivery Flutter App
nevon software

Companies that operate a fleet of vehicles such as taxi and cab companies, intercity and long-distance bus service operators, trucking agencies etc. often face troubles when it comes to refueling their vehicles. Having to drive all their vehicles to the fuel pump to have them filled often causes chaos and makes it difficult to maintain accurate track of the amount of fuel consumed.

Developed using Flutter, this fuel delivery app comprises the following three entities; Admin, Gas Station, and User. This application allows the Users to order petrol or diesel right to their doorstep. The User simply needs to specify their location and the type of fuel that they require along with the quantity that they need. Users can also make payment online through the app itself.

After an order is confirmed, this system relays the order to the gas station. This system can also be useful when people get stranded and aren’t able to find a nearby fuel pump. In this system, the User will be able to order the fuel online. Admin is the sole User who is allowed to manage all the gas stations and monitor their orders. Gas Stations can view their orders and process it accordingly. Admin assign Fuel and fuel prices to each Gas stations. So, Gas Stations cannot manipulate anything. But Gas Stations are allowed to Cancel any order in case they are out of fuel. Gas Stations are only allowed to Update their inventory.


  • Fuels can be purchased Online
  • Gas Station has no authority over price and fuel type.
  • Both Parties are allowed to Cancel the Order.
  • Gas Stations are managed by the Admin directly.