Advanced Intelligent Tourist Guide

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The project is developed using Visual Studio with Asp .Net as programming language. There are two entities who will have the access to the system. One is the admin and another one will be the registered user. Admin will add places with their details such as place name, image, address, area, latitude-longitude, tags and description. Admin can view all the added places and also can edit if required. User is new he/she will have to fill the registration form (username, password, email, full name, contact no. and type of places i.e. tags.). After registration, user can login with the valid id and password. After login, user will get the places recommendation based on the preferences which were taken in the form of tags while registration. Based on the provided details by the user, an intelligent tree algorithm will run and best results will be provided from the database. Clicking on each result will provide the user with the description of spots/locations along with the pictures. To view the tour plan, user need to select any two between dates from which the days and the places details with description. System will show multiple places with its images and other description which will be viewable on map. User can provide feedback to admin regarding the working of the system. Admin can view all the feedback messages received from the registered users.

  • Registered user gets the recommendation of the places of their preferences.
  • They can find the places using this system.
  • User can easily view the place on map with its description, image and address.
  • The system also provides one food place in the results.
  • System GUI is easy to use.
  • The system in robust and secure in nature.
  • User cannot book a tour package using this system.
  • It may provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly.

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