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Student centered learning and the creation of student centered spaces online are gaining credence in educational settings. We know that effective learning requires access to social and academic networks for both study material and emotional support; as such, online communities can offer a holistic knowledge construction, support mechanism, and recognize that affective activity is effective. Social forums, often called ‘Virtual Cafes’ or ‘Common Rooms’ can be set up for courses or for programs, depending on the student need. These spaces provide students to come together and discuss unlimited topics, including social activities and educational ideas. They are supportive spaces for students, most successful with large first and second year courses where students would not otherwise have the opportunity to communicate with others outside their own tutorial group. There are four entities will have the access to the system as follows admin, teacher, Student, Alumni. Admin manages the system by approving the threads added by the students, teachers and alumni. Admin can view all the threads and can mark a post as favorite, which will be listed at the top of all the discussion forums. Teacher, Student and Alumni need to register himself or herself by filling up basic registration details and create a valid login id and password. All the entities have to login with their valid credentials in order to access the system. System allows teachers, students and alumni to create a thread/post which will be displayed among themselves and start a discussion be commenting/replying and also can like a thread/post.

  • E learning and discussions in particular, can support learning that is not always tutor/teacher-centred, your role will be important, especially as an online community begins to develop.
  • A group of students can become a community of participants who begin to grow in their understandings of course material and individual contributions to the knowledge construction process.
  • Very flexible and more convenient system for users.
  • Managing all thread/post, replies and like from users with proper well-structured flow.

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